" Beseige your siege... there is no other way"

Friday, 8 August 2014

#GazaUnderAttack# / Gaza Under Collective Nightmare#

Gaza Under Collective Nightmare

Day after day..countless hours ..twenty days so far ..like a century.

I want to stop thinking of what we are going through. I want to sleep like a log and intend to think that all this destruction, heavy bombing, damage, horrible pictures of dead bodies, carnage, suffering of injures is just a nightmare and when I wake up, I expect everything to be ok . No harm, no damage, no bombing, no shelling, no warplanes, no drones hovering over our heads like digging in a stubborn rock with its annoying sound and the rockets it fires.

However, Israel said that the escalation and aggression on Gaza seeks to achieve victories!! 

                                        But hold on!

Is murdering savagely civilians.. a victory?!!

Is killing our children in cold blood ..  a victory?!!

Is bombing houses above its residents .. a victory?!!
                                 A mother and her son between debris

Is committing Genocide against whole families sleeping in their houses by F16 missiles .. a victory?!! like what it happened with battsh family who lost (18) members ,Abu Jami`e (26) members, Seyam(11) members mostly of children and women, and many other families.
 A Gaza funeral for Abu Jami`e Family who lost (26) members by Israeli F16 fighter missiles targeting their house.           

Is making our children orphans ..a victory?!!

Is targeting  persons with disabilities living in a handicapped association .. a victory?!!

Is imposing inhumane siege for the eighth successive year against 1.8 million Palestinians in the most densely populated area in the world.. a victory?!!

Obviously, this is the kind of life you would have under occupation, the only colonial supremacy force in modern epoch.

**I wrote this piece when it passed 18 days of the beginning of Israeli aggression but the aggression is going on and committing atrocious massacres in its twenty day. in addition , my area didn`t see electricity in past two days.

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