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Friday, 8 August 2014

#GazaUnderAttack / A diary from Gaza#

A diary from Gaza
Gaza Night: A series of Horror

Sleeping in Gaza become a prosperity due to the continuous Israeli raids day and night from air, sea and ground.

Sleeping becomes our last priority we would care about because death is everywhere.  At home we counting our last minutes and expecting any moment a strike would hit our house or our neighbor house . 

Actually Israeli war machine does not just attack a heap of rocks but it attacks your live, warm memories, sad and happy moments. In every corner of the house speaks about your adventures, quarrels with your siblings.

Every night in Gaza is not like the previous. Night in Gaza is very horrible, frightening . We pray not to see the night coz when it falls down, the series of horror begins.

Gaza night wears black mourning the lives of hundreds that have been lost and sad for witnessing the destruction and damage on the ground.
At night, We gather all stories to tell. 

At night listening silently to the radio talking about the places have been bombed, number of martyrs and injures then a pause for national songs that change a little bit the surrounding mood of sadness and fear. 

 When I fell asleep after a relentless night of horror, I wake up on a nightmare..Again boom..boom . bombings follow me in my dreams.

At night when the whole area is out of electricity, I use a charger to light up my room. My mum says to me," Don`t light up your room when you are alone coz the drones can notice the light." I don`t blame her. she`s a mother. And when my mother tells my brothers not to walk in the mid of the street to not be an easy target for Israeli drones.
My little sister wondering, " Israel does not get tired of bombing and murdering. We get tired..I want to sleep one night deeply."

However, The most dreadful thing as a Palestinian living under attack is to wake up and you become alone.

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