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Friday, 29 November 2013

Other Side of Our Story


Usual Life in Unusual Place

In my way home after a tiring dense course, I  pass two long streets walking in order to get a car because of the fuel crisis in the strip. I was looking from the car`s window seeing the crowds as usual , Gaza full of people and cars comparing the space of Gaza, and even seeing a few cars is something "usual" due to fuel shortage. 

However, the most thing can disturb that rhythm of people`s life is cars sirens. Drivers use this sound too much mostly for unnecessary things..awful annoying sound. " why does not the government take fine from drivers who make this sound". 
The car continues rounding in the same streets I know well whenever I want to go out and get back "as usual". While looking to people ..some are in hurry ..others are working on a building, a few are sitting outside their shops chattering, my brain ( consciously)  grasps apart from one of Abdulhalim`s songs saying " my heart, my hope, why do you conceal ? " ya albi, ya amali, leeh betkhabi?"

Abdulhalim`s voice is getting further and further until disappears; bursting out questions from nowhere: Is it our life usual ?!!, Is it will be the same if I am living in my original city (Majdal). Then I conclude that we tend to think and act as we live a usual life because we are humans at last. I get out of the car but the questions are still surrounding me. I have to walk a short distance to reach home.  When I open my home`s door, I smile and I said to myself: oh ! our lover has visited us today. It`s my luck. I`ll finish my work early today. Of course, most of you are wondering, who is our lover that waiting "her" every 12 hours a day?! 

 Obviously, "She`s" the one who can run our life and stops it in "her" absence. "She" makes the house like a ball of fire. On the other hand, the continuous of "her" absence will make a critical crisis in every aspect of our life. As an old song says : " zoroni kol sana mara, haram tensoni bel mara..." ( visit me every year once, please don`t forget me ..". After a few minutes, our lover (electricity) will say goodbye so  I`ll say goodbye too.

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